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Assessments and Therapy for Individuals, Couples, Families, and Groups

Rehabilitation Psychology

Rehabilitation Psychology Montreal

What is Rehabilitation Psychology? Rehabilitation psychology is a system of interventions that aims to empower individuals who are coping with chronic illness, have experienced a traumatic injury, or are adjusting to a new medical diagnosis. How do I know if I need Rehabilitation Psychology? Here are some of the conditions that lead to people seeking…

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Clinical Supervision

Are you a therapist, looking for Clinical Supervision? Blake Psychology offers two models of clinical supervision: Student Model of Clinical Supervision: The student model is for unlicensed professionals, e.g., doctoral candidates or anyone needing supervised practice hours before obtaining a permit to practice psychotherapy or to obtain their license with the Order of Psychologists of…

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Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy Montréal

What is Sex Therapy? Sex therapy focuses on helping people overcome a wide range of sexual difficulties, and can be part of individual therapy or couples therapy. Sex therapists have specialized training in the area of human sexuality and can teach you specific techniques for overcoming any obstacles to a satisfying sex life. Due to…

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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy montreal

What is Individual Therapy? Therapy, also called psychotherapy, is a regulated act that uses scientifically-validated interventions to help people of all ages lead healthier, happier, and more productive lives. Individual therapy can help you if you are in a crisis, feeling stuck, or even if you are feeling well, but want to thrive and grow.…

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Couples Therapy

couples therapy

What is Couples Therapy or Couples Counselling? Couples therapy, also called couples counselling, focuses on helping couples who are feeling stuck or unsatisfied in their relationship. Sometimes one partner is more keen to attend couples therapy than the other one, and that’s completely OK.  No matter where you’re starting from, the couples therapist is there…

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Child Therapy

What is Child Therapy? Child therapy focuses on helping children to overcome emotional or behavioural problems, so that they enhance their relationships with others and reach their full potential. As children might have difficulty expressing themselves verbally, child psychologists often incorporate aspects of play therapy to help children express themselves. Communication and collaboration with parents…

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