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Dependent Personality Disorder Treatment

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Dependent Personality Disorder Treatment

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What is Dependent Personality Disorder?

Individuals with Dependent Personality Disorder view themselves as being unable to function without significant help from others. As a result, they fear separation, and may appear passive, clingy, or submissive.  Dependent Personality Disorder starts during early adulthood, and is present across a variety of contexts.

Other signs and symptoms of Dependent Personality Disorder Include…

  • Needing excessive advice or reassurance before making even small decisions
  • Letting others take responsibility for important areas of one’s life
  • Fear that disagreeing with others will damage the relationship and result in a loss of support
  • Difficulty starting tasks independently, based on low self-efficacy
  • Bending over backwards to obtain nurturing from others, even if it means doing things that are unpleasant
  • Fear of being alone, due to perceived inability to care for oneself
  • Seeking another close relationship right away if an important relationship ends
  • Persistent fears of abandonment, and being left to care for oneself alone

Therapy for Dependent Personality Disorder can help you to…

  • Realize what you are capable of doing independently
  • Practice making decisions on your own
  • Improve your ability to be more assertive in your relationships with others
  • Clarify your values, and how you can take steps towards cultivating the life that you want for yourself

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